Time Marches On…


If nothing else, it was actually quite amusing during our last show in Littlehampton when we went through the rigmarole of Billy introducing the band members to the ‘crowd’ during the end of the penultimate song. Not least because the only other people in the room by then were our girlfriends and one other bloke. Luckily, as England were playing football on the telly that night, there were a few more present at the start; but by the end of the night there were fewer people there than you’d probably expect at Gary Glitter’s funeral.

We’ve had an unusually quiet year so far, although nearly all the shows we’ve played – notably The Amex and Lewes Con Club – were excellent fun and very well received. We have some decent and exciting projects in the pipeline though, and extra live dates will almost certainly appear in the calendar as the year marches on.

Last month the Bad Billy Band also sadly parted ways with our keyboardist, Beany. We had a fantastic few years with him part of the line-up, notching up 70 gigs and playing at some great venues. He decided the time was right for him to move on (and, presumably, that he couldn’t face playing ‘Tavern Tales’ for a 71st time), and as such we wish him the very best of success in the future.

For the rest of us, in the words or Dr John, time marches on. Next up, Lancing Football Club on 16th of May.


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