“And The Answer To The Great Question of Life, The Universe And Everything Is…………Bar 42!”


Moving in next door to a known and established music venue and then complaining about the noise is like moving into a sewage works and then complaining that it smells of excrement.

Worthing’s Bar 42 has recently been hit with such a charge, joining a long list of music venues to suffer such a fate. But, with a little funding to provide more soundproofing, it can be saved.

The Bad Billy Band have a special affinity with Bar 42, as I am sure many other local bands do, having played there more times than we have kept count. For over two years we also hosted a monthly residency, ‘Tavern Tales’, which saw us grow from fledging, nervous unknowns, all the way to confident, established unknowns.

This venue, being the only one in Worthing to provide a stage and platform for original bands, is not only desirable to be saved, but also imperative if the town has any commitment to supporting local artists.

Please follow the link below to read more about the plight of Bar 42, and to see how you can help the cause;




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